New Yorkers are tough. But the last few months of the Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown have been rough by even our standards.   

As we regain our city and fight to keep the coronavirus at bay, keeping our bodies and minds healthy is imperative. One of the best ways to do that is fueling ourselves with chemical-free, nutrient-dense foods that supports our immune system, eases our anxiety and gives us the energy we need to recover.

Choose Nutrient-Dense Foods for a Healthier Body and Mind

We all know that a healthy diet that includes fresh whole foods like vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits and lean meats has a lower incidence of chronic and diet-related diseases.

When we feel better, we’re able to work harder, shrug off stress and overcome anxiety. In fact, studies have linked anxiety with a lowered total antioxidant state.  Where do antioxidants come from? Your food.

It’s not a stretch to say that what New Yorkers need to optimize their body’s ‘fuel intake’ for maximum efficiency, is a healthy, nutrient-dense diet. One packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

So, eat a salad. Not a candy bar. Right? 

That’s a start. But it’s not enough. It turns out, it depends on how the salad was grown.

Healthy Soil and Farming Practices Grow Healthy Food

When it comes to nutrient density not all crops are created equal. Significant nutrient declines in crops has been an issue that scientists have been observing since WWII.  Studies of U.S. Department of Agriculture data found that in a half-century vegetables and fruits showed ‘reliable declines’ in critical nutrients like protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and vitamin C. 

Even when we’ve made healthy food choices, we still haven’t been getting the nutrients that our grandparents did — eating the same things — a few generations ago.

But now, new science is connecting the dots between farming practices and nutrition. We have learned that food grown in healthy soil, without man-made chemicals, are not only better for the environment, they pack a much more powerful nutritious punch. 

The farmers and researchers at Rodale University say it simply – 

“Healthier soil grows healthier plants, and healthier plants are more nutritious plants.”

But it’s not just vegetables and fruits. Pasture-raising farming practices grow chickens more nutrient-dense than other methods. And eggs laid by pasture-raised hens are significantly higher in Omega 3s. 

There Has Never Been a More Important Time to Choose Foods Grown Using Healthy Practices

In normal times, New Yorkers need nutrient-dense foods grown by farmers who are committed to not just growing food but growing the healthy soil that produces nutrient-rich foods. This is even more important now.

That’s why mademeals is committed to a meal delivery system that’s not only convenient to use and tasty to eat but one that is packed full of the nutrients New Yorkers are desperate for in the Covid-19 world. 

In fact, our CEO Jesse McBride, a long-time, ultra-busy New Yorker himself, developed the mademeals system because of his own chronic health issues. Knowing he is fueling his body with the most nutrient-dense, healthy foods gives him peace of mind and the energy to keep pushing past the coronavirus threat and his business growing. 

Mademeals has never been more committed to sharing our healthy, pre-made meals with our fellow New Yorkers. We are dedicated to doing our part to help NYC fight to keep the coronavirus at bay, recover and reclaim our city, our lives and our health. 

Socially distanced and one healthy meal at time, we’ll get there New York!