The Basics:

mademeals is a healthy, prepared meal delivery service that helps you eat farm-to-fork meals when you don't have time to cook.

We use seasonal ingredients sourced primarily from local organic farms, and only use the best grass-fed beef, free-range poultry and wild-caught seafood.

As a business, we are committed to supporting local farmers and communities, while moving away from corporate agriculture and the devastating impacts it has had on our health and ecosystem.

mademeals was started in 2016 by Jesse McBride, a health and fitness enthusiast with a busy New York City career and lifestyle. After being diagnosed with Colitis, a chronic inflammatory gut condition, his diet of healthy, organically-produced ingredients was no longer an option, but instead a necessity.

McBride sought for ways to eat healthy while still maintaining a busy schedule. Finding few options for acquiring the organic, nutrient-rich foods that his condition required, he created mademeals as a way to help other busy, conscious eaters.

Since its inception, mademeals has been on a mission to source only the freshest, most local and organic ingredients, provide convenient and sustainable food preparation and packaging, and give back to the community by hiring those in most need of job placement and training.

Hungry for more? Read our full mission here.

Our meals are always fresh, never frozen. They are chilled immediately after they’re cooked to preserve freshness, and packed in insulated boxes with reusable cooling packs before being sent to you.

You can email us at happy@mademeals.co, or text us at (551) 224-0911, (which is the number we text you from every week)

We are available via email and/or text Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

You can reach us by phone Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm. We are in the kitchen preparing your meals between Thursday and Sunday night, and we deliver on Monday afternoon.

Please have a look at our plans page for more information on our pricing. Also, if you get more meals, the price per meal goes down!

Delivery and Receiving My Meals:

Our meals last 3-4 days in the fridge, depending on the ingredients used. (For example, we recommend seafood meals be eaten sooner than chicken meals). Eat by dates are printed on meal labels.

We work with a 3rd party partner that specializes in perishable food delivery so that your meals arrive safe and sound.

Yes! When on the meal choice screen, simply keep adding meals and check out when you are ready.

Our meals are packaged in compostable containers that are oven and microwave safe, and are wrapped with a sleeve that contains information about the meal. Meals are then placed in a box with recycled denim insulation and ice packs and sent to your doorstep. We strive to make all of our packaging eco-friendly, a vital aspect to our mission in helping reduce waste and conserving the environment.

When signing up, we ask that you include any delivery information (like “leave in lobby”), as this is the case for many city dwellers. Often times people instruct us to leave boxes in the lobby for pickup when they get home.

Because of the short amount of time our meals are en route for delivery, meals will remain at a safe cold temperature even if the ice packs seem melted. If there are any issues, we ask that you reach out to us directly at happy@mademeals.co.

Refrigerate them as soon as you receive your delivery.

You can check if you’re in our delivery area on our website zip code checker.

Nope. We figure that most people get home from work after 5pm, so most customers will come home to find their box in their lobby or with their doorman/front desk. As long as you specify where your box should be left, you don’t need to be home to receive it.

Our delivery partner delivers our boxes on Monday afternoon, (usually between 11am-5pm), so your box will be waiting when you get home from work.

Enjoying My Meals:

Our deadline for Monday delivery is Wednesday at noon, so as long as you have your first order in before the deadline, you will receive your meals the following Monday.

Reach out to us directly with any comments or issues, and we will do our best to accommodate and make you happy!

When you receive your weekly text or email, there will be a link to select your meals for the following week. There, you can add/remove meals as you see fit. If you’ve already confirmed your selections and wish to edit your order, simply click “Click here to edit your order” on your dashboard via this link: https://bit.ly/2JwpvF7

Not yet, but we plan on introducing family sized meals a bit down the road.

Yes! Every month we introduce a new set of monthly staple meals, and each week we rotate in new specials. This allows us to use the most local and seasonal ingredients!

Unfortunately not at this time.

Our compostable containers are oven and microwave safe. Please consult the packaging for meal specific heating instructions. If you are heating in the oven, we recommend placing the meal container on a sheet pan and using an oven mitt so it is easy to remove when hot.

You can log into your account to see all of your past orders through this link: https://bit.ly/2JwpvF7

Yes, you can freeze your meals if you do not expect to eat them in the first 4 days, but we do not advise it. We highly recommend enjoying your meals fresh until the expiration date on the container. If you must freeze a meal, be thoughtful about which one(s) you choose to freeze. Uncooked greens like salads should not be frozen, and should be eaten earlier for peak delectability.

Managing My Subscription:

Our software does not use passwords. Your account is linked to your phone number, so when you click the link we text you every week, you do not need to log in. If you ever need to log in, you will be prompted to enter the code texted to you. We find that it is easier than remembering passwords.

Yes! Just go to your account dashboard (https://bit.ly/2JwpvF7) and click “Plan Settings”. Here you can toggle between text and email notifications.

Go to your account dashboard (https://bit.ly/2JwpvF7) and click “Plan Settings”. Here you can edit your delivery address.

Go to your account dashboard (https://bit.ly/2JwpvF7) and click “Plan Settings”. Scroll to the bottom and click “Cancel Plan”.

In order to change the payment method on a subscription, you must cancel your existing subscription and create a new one with the new payment information. This is for security.

When you sign up, we ask you for any preferences you may have, (for example: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free). If you forget to choose your meals or skip, we will auto select meals for you based on your preferences.

You can take a look at our sample menu (https://mdemeals.co/sample-menu/), where we feature some of our customer favorites. Since we use seasonal ingredients and rotate our menu regularly, not all of our current meals will be displayed.

After selecting your meals, you will see “Apply discount code or coupon” on the confirmation page. Just enter your gift card here!

Yes! Skipping weeks is very simple, as is pausing. In order to skip a week, you can either click the ‘skip’ button on your weekly meal choice page, or if you have an account, you can go to the Edit Subscription tab on your dashboard and pause your subscription until any date by visiting this link: https://bit.ly/2JwpvF7

Yes! You can sign someone up for mademeals as a gift by going through the signup process (https://sendbottles.com/mademeals) and adding their delivery information and your payment information. You can then cancel at any time.

Ingredients and Nutrition:

Yes! We work with Real Nutrition NYC to make sure our meals fall within balanced guidelines. For anyone looking for a more tailored meal plan regimen, email amy@realnutritionnyc.com directly and tell her we sent you!

You can find ingredient and nutritional information when choosing your meals, as well as on the meal label.

All of our meat and poultry is grass-fed and pasture-raised, and we use sustainable seafood. We use locally grown and almost entirely organic produce, especially when they are known to have high pesticide residues. Some may know these as “The Dirty Dozen” (https://to.pbs.org/QDLI8b). We support local and regional farmers who use responsible practices, and make an effort to use ingredients with minimal to no pesticide residues so that our meals are clean, high-quality and nutrient-dense.

Our meals range roughly between 450-800 calories.

Every week, we offer 3 meals in each of the following categories: paleo, vegan and traditional.

Paleo meals draw on the core principles of our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors and modern-day knowledge and abilities. Meals consist of whole unprocessed foods, leafy greens, fresh pesticide-free vegetables, nuts, fruits on occasion, grass-fed meat, pastured free-range poultry and wild-caught fish, and are always grain free.

All of our meals are below 1,000 mg of sodium, (with most of them being below 750mg). We sparingly add salt to recipes, and only use sea salt and/or kosher salt.

Our meals are designed for one person.

Although most of our meals are free from the major allergens, we do occasionally use said ingredients if they are responsibly sourced, (for example; grass-fed butter, wild-caught fish and organic soy sauce). In addition, because we cook in a shared kitchen space, cross contamination is possible. When choosing your meals, all ingredients are listed in the ingredient statement and appear on the meal label.

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