Meal delivery services are on the rise in the New York metropolitan area and there’s a list of things consumers are looking for when it comes down to choosing the best one.

The way people eat has changed. Gone are the days of shopping, prepping, and cooking meals for your family each night. Not only is it time-consuming, but it takes effort you often can’t spare. So it comes as no surprise that meal delivery services have seen a drastic increase in popularity and diversity within households across our country, and specifically in the New York metropolitan area.

Whether you’re looking for a meal delivery service because of your busy schedule, your health and well-being, or your desire to eat more mindfully, you have so many options to choose from.

So what exactly should you look for in one of these services?

The Use of High Quality Ingredients

Organic. Natural. Sustainable. Local. When it comes to picking out the foods you eat, there’s a lot of words to understand. Not all of us have time to understand the difference though. 

A good meal delivery service will take that stress away from you. 

Mademeals is committed to the science behind the food we use. We work with local farmers on a daily basis to ensure high quality and responsibly grown ingredients make it onto your table. With a commitment to non-GMO foods that are sowed and harvested using organic methods, our meals aren’t only good for you, they’re good for the planet.

The Flexibility to Choose Your Meals

Everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to food, so why should every customer’s meal plan be made up of the same thing? The ability to pick and choose what meals you’re getting each week is critical. 

Mademeals makes customizing easy. Whether you’re getting a Meal Pack (5 or 8 meals each week) or you’re just trying us out with a meal or two, your wants and needs always come first. That’s why our dishes boast diversity. You can get multiple of one meal, or get one of each. Get both lunch and dinner options, or add breakfast and snacks too. Pick a traditional carb, or opt for something more keto-friendly. No matter what you choose, your meals are made with you in mind. 

A Company That Cares

You’re busy. You don’t have time to sit on hold with a company’s customer service for hours on end. That’s why the best meal delivery services put their customers first. You have a question. They should have an answer. 

At mademeals, customers always come first. No matter what. Our goal is to make meals that make your life easier. Our customer service is no different. You have questions. We have answers. You need suggestions. We can give them. You need good quality meals that nourish your body. We got you covered. So you can spend less time worrying about your meals, and more time enjoying them.

Food That Actually Tastes Good

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean eating flavorful. But that shouldn’t be the case in a meal delivery service. You deserve the best of both worlds, so you can fuel your body with nutrient-dense ingredients, and have it taste good too.

Meal prep shouldn’t be boring, but not everyone has time to plan out delicious and appealing meals for the week. That’s where mademeals comes in. We specialize in food that looks good, tastes good, and does good things for both mind and body. We hold quality to a high standard- starting with high quality ingredients and ending with high quality meals delivered right to your door. 

Locally Grown Produce and Humanely-Raised Meat

Climate change is happening. Our environment is suffering the consequences. But what if we could do something to stop it? Well, we can – by choosing to eat food that gives back to our planet, and by choosing a meal delivery service that holds this promise as their greatest mission.

We believe the way we eat can change the world. Every choice we make is another opportunity to create a better food system. We use local ingredients whenever we can to eat with the seasons. That way, we’re not wasting fossil fuels transporting food from far away places. Instead, we’re choosing the bountiful options growing right down the road.

At mademeals, we help busy individuals nourish their body, while simultaneously nourishing the planet. We’re a meal delivery service that puts quality and customers above everything else. We care about the environment, the ingredients we use, and the integrity in which we transform them. Our commitment to bettering the food system starts from the ground and ends on your dining room table. When you choose mademeals, mindful eating is always made easy (and it always tastes good too!).