Mademeals has been amazing on every level!

My SO and I have been getting Mademeals for about a year now, and I can’t recommend it enough! You easily order at the beginning of the week, and there is always a lot of choice. They typically have several meals that are the staple for the month or season, and they’re always the ones that have rated highest. Then they have some others that cycle through more quickly, so there is always something you know you like and to explore on the menu.

They also have vegetarian or vegan options for most meals.

They also have soups and deserts. I’m not typically a soup guy, and I truly regret waiting so long to try the Mademeals soups. They hearty, very tasty, and most definitely a meal. The brownies, peanut butter bars, and carrots cake are all fantastic.

The food is also really easy to prepare (just don’t forget to take out the sauce cup!). Just preheat the oven, pop it in with some foil and in bout 18 minutes you’ve got a restaurant quality meal in your little dish.

Jesse’s great, the team is so nice, the delivery is easy, and the food is amazing. Order.

Some of my favorites:
Lomo Saltado (with amazing mash potatoes)
Memphis BBQ pork loin
Butternut bisque with herb chicken
Lentil stew