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Soy Dairy Fish Tree-Nuts

Salmon Stuffed with Spinach, Feta and Fennel

Sustainably-sourced salmon stuffed with a seasoned mixture of local organic spinach, feta cheese and fennel, then roasted and served with sauteed string beans and blistered tomatoes over homemade polenta cakes.


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w/ Sauteed String Beans & Blistered Tomatoes over Polenta Cakes

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Product Highlights


Soy Dairy Fish Tree-Nuts

Nutrition Facts



42g 84%


29g 9%


6g 24%


29g 44%



*= Organic

Sustainably-Sourced Salmon, Organic Grape Tomatoes*, String Beans, Coconut Milk*, Fennel, Polenta, Feta Cheese, Baby Spinach*, Olive Oil, Lemons, Shallots, Parmesan – Grated, Garlic Fresh, Butter Unsalted TS* (Grass-Fed), Parsley Dry, Lemon Juice, Parsley*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Adobo Seasoning (Red Cap), Yondu Vegetable Essence*, Zanzibar Black Pepper, Thyme Dry, Paprika, Black Peppercorns, Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Kosher Salt, Garlic – Granulated, Tarragon Fresh, Fresh Basil, Sage – Fresh, Oregano Dry, Smoked Pimenton Paprika, Onion Powder, White Pepper, Egyptian Basil (New), Cayenne Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, Thyme Fresh

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