Soy Celery Mustard

Salad – Mixed Greens and Quinoa Citrus

A refreshing fall salad made with a base of organic baby spinach and baby kale, and topped with blood orange, celery & quinoa, served with hibiscus caramelized red onions and a side of blood orange citrus vinaigrette.

Macronutrients in graphic below do not include side sauce.
Macros of Vinaigrette alone:
Cal: 210 / Carbs: 4g / Fiber: 1g / Fat: 21g / Protein: 0g


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Organic Baby Spinach & Baby Kale Topped w/ Blood Orange, Celery & Quinoa, Served w/ Hibiscus Caramelized Red Onions & Blood Orange Citrus Vinaigrette (Optional Add-On: Tarragon Chicken)


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Soy Celery Mustard

Nutrition Facts



9g 18%


44g 14%


9g 36%


5g 7%



*= Organic

Blood Oranges, White Quinoa (Organic), Celery*, Baby Spinach*, Baby Kale*, Chosen Food Avocado Oil (Avocado Oil), Red Jumbo Onions*, White Balsamic Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Hibiscus Leaves – Dry, Agave (Raw), Yondu Vegetable Essence*, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Black Pepper (Ground), Whole Grain Mustard, Turbinado Sugar*, Black Peppercorns (Whole), Red Pepper Flakes

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