Soy Mustard Dairy

Mediterranean Salad

A bed of baby spinach & baby kale topped with cucumber, red bell pepper, red onion, garbanzo beans, feta cheese and kalamata olives and baked falafels (provided by or roasted chicken (your choice) served w/ a side of Greek creamy red wine vinaigrette.

Macronutrients in graphic below do not include dressing.
Macros of dressing alone:
Cal: 150 / Carbs: 9g / Fiber: 0g / Fat: 13g / Protein: 0g


Earn 11 Points

w/ Feta Cheese, Olives, Red Onion
Add Ons: Optional Falafels or Roasted Chicken

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Soy Mustard Dairy

Nutrition Facts



25g 50%


16g 5%


4g 16%


8g 12%



*= Organic

Baby Spinach*, Baby Kale*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Jumbo Onions*, Red Bell Peppers*, Cucumber (Seedless), Garbanzo Beans, Red Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar , Agave Nectar, Olives – Kalamata, Feta Cheese, Fresh Garlic, Vegenaise (Vegan/GF/DF/non-gmo Mayo) (contains Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Filtered Water, Brown Rice Syrup, Apple Cider Vinegar, Soy Protein, Sea Salt, Mustard Flour, Lemon Juice Concentrate), Dijon Mustard, Dill Fresh*, Lemon Juice, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano Dry

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