our story

mademeals was started in 2016 by Jesse McBride, a health and fitness enthusiast with a successful NYC career in recruitment. After being diagnosed with Colitis, a chronic inflammatory gut condition, he suffered months of abdominal pain, weight loss, and most of all, stress. The most stressful aspect of his condition was the contradicting and confusing information on how to heal from this disorder.

McBride consulted with numerous integrative health experts and began to dive through mountains of research to learn the vital importance of the quality of our food, its cultivation practices, and how moving away from factory farming and "big agriculture" can help us heal from the very diseases that it created. After his research, Jesse knew that a diet of healthy, organically-produced ingredients were no longer an option, but instead a necessity.

Because of McBride’s NYC corporate background, he saw the opportunity to help others find ways to eat healthy while still maintaining a busy schedule. This led to the creation of mademeals as a way to help other busy, conscious eaters in the NYC/NJ metropolitan area.

McBride has since teamed up with chef and mentor Joe Stout, who dealt with his own issues with healthy eating in the past. Having lost over 160 lbs through diet, exercise, surgery and community support, Stout knows just how important it is to have a community around you to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. As Executive Chef and Co-Founder, Stout is passionate about sourcing only the freshest ingredients from local farms that practice sustainable farming. With every mademeal he creates, Stout aims to help other individuals reach their mindful eating goals, as he once sought help for in the past.

McBride and Stout know that by using ingredients grown and raised with responsible farming practices, they can help to building a better food system that strengthens local community and promotes health. With Stout’s experience in culinary training and McBride’s expertise in recruitment, they aim to reintegrate formerly incarcerated individuals back into the workforce and the greater community.

Together, they’ve created mademeals into what it is today- healthy, conscious chef-prepared meals delivered to your door and ready in minutes.

Are you ready to join the mademeals community of mindful eaters? Check out how mademeals works.