What’s For Dinner?

It’s back-to-school and end of the fiscal year all at once! With so much to juggle during this back-to-the-grind time of the year after summer breaks, what’s one to do about dinner? Or lunch for that matter?

Between succeeding in your career, raising a family, meeting deadlines, staying fit, meditating, drinking enough water, and texting everyone back, there’s only a little bit of free time left to live the rest of your life. But who wants to spend that time meal-prepping? While meal-prepping maybe not be on the mind of every busy New Yorker, it is for those who are mindful of what they’re eating, where that food comes from, and what effects it may have on their bodies. 

Speaking of fiscal years, this is also the time of the year that businesses and families look over expenses, rearrange budgets, and cut costs. However, bottom-line savings in your pockets at the end of the year doesn’t always make sense or cents. It’s often said that you should vote with your pockets. We say the same should be considered for the environment and our bodies. What’s more costly than lost time and deteriorated health? Ultimately, the best option for knowing exactly what’s in your food and where it comes from is by cooking, which brings us back to the meal-prep conundrum. 

But what if there was another way to eat mindfully while keeping the environment and our health in mind without having to spend hours shopping, meal planning, and cooking on an already busy schedule? Enter mademeals! 

We do all of the organic, locally-sourced shopping, meal planning, and cooking for you, with the added convenience of delivering it straight to your door. And all this convenience doesn’t stop there. We’ve wrapped our entire ordering process all up in a couple of neat text messages sent straight to your phone. So swamped you think you may forget to put an order in? We’ve got that solved, too! We’ll send you a couple of friendly reminders at the beginning of the week (through text message) with your link to order. All you do I click, select your meals for the week- that’s it! Your checkout info is already in our system once you sign up. 

We know that whether you’re CEO of your own startup or the CEO of your family, dinner has to get on the table at a reasonable time and price, and if it’s healthy and tastes great then you’ve scored a Grand Slam! Luckily, at mademeals, we’re All-Stars for saving you time and money in all of these important factors in your life.

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