Mindfulness in Practice

Internation Yoga Day - mademeals

With International Day of Yoga in our midst, we’re joining in on the celebration of this ancient art of physical, mental, and spiritual practice with much enthusiasm. Practicing yoga is practicing mindfulness through movement and meditation. To us, this practice also embodies our message as a conscious food company and what we try to deliver to our community of mindful eaters every day.

We hear “mindfulness” used as a buzzword lately in modern culture, but what does it really mean to be mindful? How do we use it on a daily basis? And why does it matter? We know mindfulness as being the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

mindfulness- mademeals

Yoga, for example, helps us focus on our presence by guiding our breathing, thoughts, and movements. With each stretch and breath, we become aware of our body’s sensations, strains, and overall well-being as reactions to what we’re exerting our bodies to currently do. We have to mentally rise above those strains and exertions to try to achieve inner peace in mind and body.

While some just see yoga as a form of exercise, the mindfulness that goes into a practice like yoga doesn’t have to stop there. We can make a conscious effort to see the effects of our choices in all of our daily actions - from how we commute, to the products we buy, and the food that we eat. If our conscious efforts to be better, do better, and feel better aren’t aligned with all of our daily choices, the practice of mindfulness is incomplete. It’s like stepping out yoga class and following it up with a cigarette and some large-chain greasy fast food, and then throwing the non-recyclable packaging on the floor once we’re done. You see the dilemma, right?

Yoga Day - mademeals

Similarly to yoga, we wanted to create a convenient way for people to eat through their busy schedules and life’s exertions while still rising above that just instinctual need to eat, and instead offer conscious food choices that can positively affect the environment and their community. In a sense, it’s mindfulness through food.

At mademeals, we take mindfulness so seriously, it’s in our motto: “mindful eating made easy”. It’s our mission to serve those who want to consciously make good choices in their meals and those who understand that those same food choices affect their community and the world around them. By choosing locally sourced, sustainably farmed and raised, organic products, each meal we make can help reduce damaging effects to the environment, while directly benefiting our local communities of farmers.

We also aim to reduce food waste through our practices and help hire those in the community that need employment the most, like the formerly incarcerated. We can proudly say that each element of our business plan has gone through the motion of mindful deliberation so that we could stand by our product and our production process.

Yoga Day - mademeals

So while you’re aligning your chakra through your sun salutation this International Yoga Day, don’t forget to make other mindful practices outside of that and think about what goes into your body and what that food choice can do to the world around you.