Mademeals Ingredient Focus: Spinach


Known for giving Popeye his power, spinach has always been thought of as one of earth’s greatest superfoods. Packed with tons of nutrients, this low-calorie leafy green is vital for everything from skin and bone health, to prevention in macular degeneration and cancer.

Originating in ancient Persia, it was then introduced in the 1st century to China, India, followed by Spain, England, France and Germany. It grew quickly in popularity since this tasty and versatile leafy green appeared in early Spring when other vegetables were scarce. It finally made its way to the US in the early 19th century and it is a vegetable widely used today. 


In reality, spinach is available all year around, while it’s in peak season in Spring and Summer. Whether steamed, fried, or enjoyed raw, its numerous health benefits have made it a staple for healthy eaters around the world.

Chlorophyll, what gives spinach its dark green color, has been known to block the carcinogenic effects of heterocyclic amines. And packed with beta-carotene, iron, and vitamins A and K, make spinach essential for healthy eyesight, and strong hair, nails, and bones. 

Regular consumption of spinach can help regulate blood pressure, prevent and help manage diabetes, and help prevent age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and hemophilia.


We use spinach in a number of our dishes and are proud to source it locally and organically for its added health and sustainability benefits. Because of the pesticides used to produce spinach, it’s best to consume the organic version of spinach. 

For a fresh taste of this powerhouse veggie, check out our current meals where we highlight this green leafy king:

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