Mademeals Ingredient Focus: Asparagus

asaparagua- mademeals

Summer is here and while most Americans think of beaches and barbecues, others can’t stop thinking about constant sneezing and watery eyes from the allergy season that it brings with it. But just as nature helps us fight colds in the winter with citrus fruits in season, it’s got our backs in the summer as well with ripe veggies for fighting allergies.

Which brings us to our next mademeals ingredient focus: asparagus! We bet asparagus is on everyone’s top list for veggies to throw on the grill this summer, but did you know that this same delicious green veg can help fight your dreaded allergy season symptoms?

That’s right, asparagus carries a powerful flavonoid called quercetin, as well as isorhamnetin and kaempferol, which can help combat the worst allergy symptoms. These substances have blood pressure-lowering, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anticancer effects, sort of like mini-anti-histamine powerhouses.

purple asparagus- mademeals

And it’s not only its green variety that has multiple benefits - purple asparagus contains powerful pigments called anthocyanins, that have antioxidant effects in the body. If that’s not enough, asparagus is also known to aid healthy digestion, help lower blood pressure, and help support a healthy pregnancy from its high doses of folate, which help fetal development.

And yet, here’s another great benefit to asparagus - it can also help ease a hangover because of its concentration of minerals and amino acids. So if you have one too many piña coladas this summer, skip the greasy breakfast the next day and opt for a side of asparagus instead.

Luckily for you, we have plenty of mademeals dishes that feature asparagus this summer front and center, like our :

  • Black Lime Chicken Bowl w/ Cilantro Pineapple Freekeh & Blackened Asparagus

  • Puerto Rican Style Lasagna "Pastelon" w/ Spanish Asparagus

  • Chopped Asparagus Salad over Baby Spinach w/ Greek Chicken

We use asparagus in a lot of our dishes for its versatility, great taste, and local availability to ensure freshness and seasonality, always!