Mademeals For Earth Day


With Earth Day around the corner, mademeals has a lot to celebrate. As the name implies, the worldwide holiday is meant to honor all efforts in support of environmental protection, and we’re no strangers to those efforts. As part of our mission, we vow to support those local farms where we source our ingredients, that practice regenerative agriculture which among other benefits, helps to reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity.

Regenerative Agriculture vs Sustainability

By building our menus around crop rotations that work best for farmers and supporting responsible growing practices, we help support the replenishment of farm soil while reducing reliance on pesticides and fertilizers. But did you know that regenerative agriculture goes a step beyond sustainability?

As Sound Consumer describes, “Sustainability generally is defined as something that improves the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting ecosystems.” But now farmers around the world are being challenged to think beyond just the sustainable and rebuild what has already been damaged through their agricultural practices. With examples like the regeneration project of the Loess Plateau and Forest Garden Approach (where a collection of trees, shrubs, vines, vegetables, fruits, and herbs are planted and grow harmoniously together), regenerative practices are effectively accomplishing what traditional agriculture can’t and in turn are fixing the problems that Big Agriculture, or factory farming, has created.

Mademeals in Practice


As a prepared meal company, there is more than one way that we aim to address environmental protection. With other elements to our mission, like reducing food waste, using compostable, biodegradable and recyclable packaging, and donating excess meals to local homeless shelters, we’re working towards those worldwide efforts in sustainability and environmental protection that seem more and more attainable each day. After all, at mademeals, we believe our food choices can change the world. We aim to help busy individuals nourish their bodies, regenerate the environment, and contribute to their community through the healthy, high-quality prepared meals that we deliver to customers every week. We want to continue to build a mindful eating community, to bring more awareness to the idea that we’re not only feeding and nourishing our bodies, but that we also have a role in nourishing the earth with those same choices.

While simple acts like picking up garbage, planting a tree, and recycling still add to the larger picture of environmental protection, few stop to think that even every day decisions like meal selections can have an even greater impact on the environment than they imagined.

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