Mademeals Farm Focus: Coeur et Sol

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Photos: Instagram @coeur.et.sol

One key element of our mission at mademeals, is to help our customers stay away from industrialized farmed products. Unfortunately today, the majority of America’s farmland is dominated by outdated and unsustainable industrial agriculture. At the core of industrialized farming is monoculture practices which focuses production on a single crop in large scale. The impact of monoculture affects not only the environment, but also public health. 

Yet, agriculture does not have to solely exists on large plots of lands, and instead urban farming has risen in popularity as a solution to industrialized farming and to provide sustainable farming in metropolitan areas. As the name suggests, Urban farming is growing or producing food in a city or heavily populated area.  More often than not, urban farming is confused with community gardening, homesteading or subsistence farming. Yet urban agriculture assumes a level of commerce for consumption, that community gardens or personal gardens don’t. 

As a sourcer of locally farmed products, we seek to work with small, local farmers. That’s why we’re happy to partner with an urban farm located here in New Jersey- Coeur et Sol.

Coeur et Sol, meaning “heart and soil,” started their urban farm just two years ago when solo-entrepreneur Chelsea Hernandez left her corporate job and followed her dream of operating her own farm. While initially that dream didn’t include a city farm, after seeing numerous empty urban lots on her long commute to Manhattan every day, she soon realized that her dream of farming could take root in her same county of Essex.

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With goals in addressing food insecurity among city dwellers and revitalizing empty and decaying lots, Coeur et Sol is bridging the gap between the two while building their sustainable food production efforts. As shared in their story, “Nurturing our homestead, raising our chickens, growing microgreens, and building our first farm plot has been a wonderful beginning to our journey to self sustainability.”

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Producing 1/5 of the world’s food, urban farms are rapidly growing in popularity and offer urban residents the quality of food they need while giving them a role of key responsibility within the community by supporting a local producer. These urban farms are a key component to our own plan to stay true to our mission in local, organic ingredient sourcing. To us, both of our missions come full circle when we see its direct benefit to the communities that we operate in and service every day. 

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To get a taste of Coeur et Sol’s sustainably-grown products, check out these current meals we’re offering on our menu: 

Cajun Wild Salmon over Baby Arugula Salad w/ Sweet & Spicy Mango Dressing

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spinach salad.jpg
strawberry salad.jpg