Eating Organic: The True Health Benefits

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For the last decade or so, people have become more interested in what they have been  putting in their bodies. From hair care to actual food, the thought of exposing oneself to unnecessary harmful chemicals has made people think differently about the products they consume. With that, the move towards eating solely or primarily organic food has grown immensely. 

Organic food is regulated in a way that normal food is not. Throughout the growing process, farmers are not allowed to use synthetic fertilizers or use most pesticides that are used to grow other foods. This makes a huge difference in what one puts into their body by simply eliminating those two harmful elements that the body would have to process. Most importantly, it can give the consumer the peace of mind by knowing how their food was grown.

Livestock that is humanely-raised also provides individuals more health benefits since the meat is produced as naturally as possible. The meat contains lower levels of bacteria and usually has higher levels in omega-3 fatty acids. This could result in higher metabolism since the body is getting more of the nutrients from the meat. 

Eating locally and organically actually has proven to have an effect on one’s immune system as well as one’s overall health. Since local produce and livestock live in similar pollen environments and water systems as the consumer, it tends to affect the consumer’s body less obstructively. Meaning the same materials one is surrounded by at home is also being used in the production of their food. 

There are still studies going on, looking into the long term effects of eating organic. For more information, check the USDA's information about organic foods. It is also recommended to purchase produce from local food markets and looking more diligently into where one’s food could be coming from. The founders of mademeals are committed to sourcing only the freshest seasonal produce and humanely-raised livestock from small local farms to ensure the utmost health of all its consumers.