Are You Sustainable?


What does it mean to be sustainable? What happens to containers once people throw them away? How can the average person truly impact the environment because of food waste? 

 These are all valid questions that everyone could be asking themselves when they eat out or even see one of those social media videos on pollution. But how often do we ask ourselves these environmental questions? The human race is on its way to irreversibly changing the planet because of the lack of understanding of the impact one person can have. Every one of our choices, from the food we eat to how much of that food we end up throwing out, counts as a personal impact to the wellbeing of the landscape around us.

It’s reported that in just 2013 alone, Americans produced more than 254 million tons of trash, but only about 3o% of it was recyclable. This puts an impending pressure on the environment, which simply cannot keep up with rate that people produce garbage. The earth is the home to more life forms than just humans, yet the majority of other species do not contribute to the Earth’s pollution. 

But where does our trash even go? Let’s face it, a large factor contributing to our  high volumes of waste, is the fact that most people have little knowledge as to what happens to their trash. If the general population had more information about how little of their trash is actually biodegradable and recyclable they would consider having more eco-friendly practices. 
Less than 85% of household trash is recyclable and can not be dissolved into the Earth. A lot of that is composed of trash related to food waste and everyday household products. The simple act of reducing our food waste would make a great dent on our contribution to the amount of garbage in our landfills. By using a food service like mademeals, the individual can not only bring down their food costs, but ensure that no additional food is wasted since each meal is a single serving. All mademeals containers are also biodegradable and produced from recycled materials, which is one less reason to feel guilty about not cooking.